CSR approach : A TABLE !

Grands Moulins de Paris' modernity has been a strong marker since its creation 100 years ago. To celebrate its solidity and confidence in the future, Grands Moulins de Paris' CSR commitments have been transcribed through our A TABLE approach.

Strong commitments that guide our action for a responsible food supply

GMP CSR approach: A TABLE - infographic

- 86% of French people express strong expectations for information on the products they buy (Source: Opinion Way and Ifop 2018) and 89% of French people say they prefer products from their region (Source: Kantar 2020).

- Our response to these aspirations is based on common sense. We have also implemented numerous actions to reduce our environmental footprint. At the heart of our approach is local.

Eat a balanced diet

Our recipes are designed to fit easily into a balanced diet. We favor known and recognized ingredients with a search for innovation and continuous improvement. For example, the colorants and flavors included in our milling mixtures are of natural origin since May 2018. And our Tradition flours contain only ingredients from wheat since September 2018. In addition, whether on our packaging, our websites or in our factories, we provide 100% clear and readable information for our customers and consumers.

Let's improve the quality of life

Because safety is a priority, we are implementing risk prevention measures to become a zero accident company. To ensure that this working environment is also based on fundamental respect for ethics, 100% of employees now have access to an ethics alert system.

The quality of life for all also requires a virtuous approach to our supplies, with 100% French wheat. The wheat from our 7 regional mills comes exclusively from France and is grown mostly within a 125 km radius. The Campaillette Grand Siècle, made at the Paris-Gennevilliers mill, is even 100% Île-de-France wheat. All these figures can be guaranteed thanks to the traceability from the field to the bakery.

We also provide our customers with many customized solutions. And to act against waste, we accompany them with good anti-waste plans.

Let's contribute to a healthier future

And because it is important to support future generations of artisan bakers, we contribute to training young people in apprenticeship and adults in professional retraining each year in partnership with the Paris Bakery and Pastry School.

Our first challenge is to make agricultural production more environmentally friendly. Thus, 100% of the wheat grains used in our mills are stored without insecticides since the end of 2020. We have also been producing organic flour from French organic wheat in two of our mills since 2020 in Brienne and Surgères.
To bring the wheat to all our mills, ecological transport is favored whenever possible: by barge, train or by a conveyor belt linking the wheat silo directly to the mill. And because what the Earth gives us is precious, 100% of the wheat grain from our mills is recycled.

Finally, for our flours and milling mixes, the secondary paper and cardboard packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

Towards an even stronger sustainable development approach

In a rapidly changing health and political context, the expectations of our customers and partners are becoming increasingly strong. This is why VIVESCIA has involved all its subsidiaries in order to initiate a genuine company-wide approach.

 The Group's sustainability strategy, called "LINK", was unveiled in June 2022.

It allows us to set a common course and establish a global foundation for our "A TABLE" approach within Grands Moulins de Paris.


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