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Buying, selling or creating a bakery is a big step for an artisan. That is why Grands Moulins de Paris puts at your disposal a team of professionals specialized in bakery transactions. Their services cover all the problems related to the installation.

In order to guarantee a quality follow-up, the managers and advisors of the Grands Moulins de Paris Transactions and Financing Department are holders of the professional card "Transactions on real estate and business". This certificate allows us to legally help bakers to buy, sell or take over a business.

Today, our experts intervene throughout France on nearly 200 transactions per year.

Our service includes: 

- A complete and daily accompaniment in all the stages of the transaction, from the search for the fund to the final installation; 

- Personalized support for investments; 

- 25 experts throughout the country; 

- A partnership with the platforms broadcasting the advertisements of businesses and locations for sale.

Discover the interview of Eric Collavini, National Manager of Transactions and Financing.
With its 25 experts, Grands Moulins de Paris helps to set up around 200 artisan bakers every year.

Buying/selling a bakery: our 10-step support service

Step 1 - The meeting
We discuss your project together and exchange on the different solutions to realize it.
Step 2 - Signing the sale or search mandate
By signing a mandate, you authorize us to accompany you in a legal manner to sell or acquire a business/commercial premises. The mandates are the basis of our collaboration and fix the duties and obligations of both parties.
Step 3 - Visits
Our professionals have a national file and an extensive network to search for properties corresponding to your requirements, they are then available to support you during visits.
Step 4 - The forecasting study
Our advisors prepare the financing plan and the projected account of the business that has caught your attention.
Step 5 - Negotiations
Our expertise allows us to negotiate for you and obtain the best conditions.
Step 6 - The signing of the sales agreement
We are at your side at the time of the signature of the compromise, the most important stage of the process of sale or purchase.
Step 7 - Finding the funding
We accompany you in making appointments with the banks and during the interviews and we prepare the complete file beforehand.
Step 8 - Preparing for the takeover
All of our teams will help you succeed in your installation.
Step 9 - Signing the deed
We are also present at your side during the signing.
Step 10 - Taking possession of the business
Our consultants will accompany you during the opening for a smooth start.

Our sales team will also help you to promote your products and set up your store. Thanks to our bakery transaction service, selling, buying or taking over a business has never been so easy!

Fee rates

Negotiation fees before taxAmount before tax
Sales and research mandates4% HT of the sale price of the business
with a minimum of 4000 € HT
Mandates for the sale of company rights
(sale of shares in the business)
4% HT of the sale price of the business
with a minimum of 4000 € HT
Mandates to rent commercial premises30% HT of the annual rent
with a minimum of 4000 € HT
Mandates for the transfer of leasehold rights4% HT of the right to lease
with a minimum of 4000 € HT

Fee rates as of October1, 2019.

Our fees are payable by the buyer. They are payable in cash on the day of the regularization of the final deed of transfer (applicable VAT rate 20% in force on January1, 2014. The applicable VAT rate will be the one in force at the date of the due date of the service).

Our teams throughout France

We have a team of professionals in the bakery transaction. The managers and advisors of Grands Moulins de Paris are holders of the professional card "Transactions on real estate and goodwill", which entitles them legally to act as intermediaries between a buyer and a seller.

We do everything possible to help you sell or buy your business.

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