Discover the new corporate film Grands Moulins de Paris

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Our Great House is a century old and looking to the future. Discover what makes Grands Moulins de Paris move forward in images with this film that looks like us and brings us together.


A big thank you to all the people who contributed to this authentic film, which speaks from the heart, and in particular the extras of the film for their participation:

- Grands Moulins de Paris collaborators: Alexandra Caveribère and her family, Loïck Fort, Amine Assouyoti, Michel Houi, Aliénor Citry, Didier Leroy, Michaël Mondon, Sara Dolle, Marjolaine Alary

- Mr. Maximo and his partner from the bakery L'Atelier in Coutras

- Mr. Grosdidier, farmer VIVESCIA

- The students of the Paris Bakery and Pastry School

Behind the scenes of the film

For the direction, we called upon Oram S. Dannreuther, notably for his aesthetic approach, worked in the spirit of an advertising film rather than in the traditional codes of the corporate film. 

This film shows the women and men who make up Grands Moulins de Paris and highlights the richness of its actions.

The text has been worked in a poetic way with rhymes in alexandrine (except one! you have to spot it) to tell the way Grands Moulins de Paris distinguishes itself from the competition via a proximity that surprises in the professional intimacy. Its translation into English required meticulous work to preserve as much as possible this state of mind, whereas certain French turns of phrase do not necessarily have an equivalent. 

➔ Discover the English version:

Finally, a film like this also involves hours of filming and meticulous setting up! Thanks again to all those who helped this film to blossom!


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