A look back at Safety Week 2022

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From September 19 to 23, Safety Week was held at all our sites: 

a whole week dedicated to safety at work and the prevention of major risks launched 

as part of our CARE approach.

Because there is no reason to be injured at work, the CARE approach has been implemented in all VIVESCIA Group companies. This is a safety initiative aimed at achieving zero accidents.


This year, the annual " Safety Day " is now being rolled out as " Safety Week " to meet our CARE 2025 objectives of controlling the major risks in our businesses and developing a "just" CARE culture.


Thus, we were able to meet and take part in various events organized around safety issues to take stock of the progress made, to reflect together to make further progress, to dialogue and share experiences and best practices.

Safety Week: many activities

In order to raise employee awareness of safety, numerous activities have been set up at each of our sites, such as

- Workshop on pedestrian-truck co-activity: raise awareness among employees, whether they are drivers or sedentary, of the dangers represented by blind spots, among others.

- Sophrology workshop: learn how to perform exercises to relax the muscles and the mind, and to manage stress.

- Gestures and Postures workshop: acquire the right reflexes related to the specific activity of employees.

- Fire extinguisher workshop: learn how to react quickly to a fire.

- Frontal impact simulator workshop: become aware of the potential consequences of a road accident.

- First Aid workshop: recognizing the signs of a person in pain and knowing how to act.

- Conference on " Psycho-Social Risks".

- Workshop " Well-being at work using the YOGIST method

Safety Week: an escape game for all employees!

In order to increase employee awareness of safety, all VIVESCIA Group employees played an Escape Game on the theme of safety, created specifically for the occasion, and based on a situation specific to the company.

Safety Week : back in pictures


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