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Sourdough is one of the oldest forms of cereal fermentation. After being neglected for decades, sourdough is making a comeback in the bakery industry, not only in the production of breads but also sweet doughs (brioches, pastries, pie doughs...). The many advantages of sourdough justify its return to the bakery. 

Since 2014, sourdough use has been growing at +2% per year and up to 5% in the artisan bakery sector.**

Consumers appreciate sourdough for its authenticity, its naturalness, its taste and its ability to preserve bread.

Grands Moulins de Paris* sourdoughs

The sourdough produced by Grands Moulins de Paris is a pasty sourdough that is dried on plates and then ground to market in powder form: it is called "deactivated and dehydrated sourdough".

Our deactivated and dehydrated sourdoughs bring a unique aromatic signature. They have been produced according to a baking method for over 50 years from carefully selected raw materials to guarantee quality and traceability. They are made slowly (72 hours minimum) to obtain a perfect balance between acidity and intensity.

Today, our range is composed of four sourdoughs implemented in our workshops in Nancy and Reims:

- Wheat sourdough:an essential leaven to bring an authentic taste to products;

- Rye sourdough:a sourdough with character, ideal for adding an artisanal touch to breads;

- Spelt and buckwheat sourdough:an original sourdough with floral notes;

- Wheat germ sourdough:a sourdough that brings salty notes, close to grilled cheese.

Our wheat and rye sourdoughs are also available in Filière CRC® (Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée), a label which guarantees 100% French cereals, cultivated according to good agricultural practices favourable to biodiversity and which ensures a better remuneration of the producers. They are easily integrated into all applications (breads, buns, pastries, pizzas...).

Toasted corn germ flour

Grands Moulins de Paris and Kalizea have joined forces to produce a flour made from toasted corn germs. Made by cooking the sprouts and extracting the corn oil, the toasted corn sprout flour brings taste and natural coloring. This flour is 100% clean label, guaranteed French origin and GMO free.

Discover our new range of sourdoughs through this dedicated film which highlights :

  - Our French know-how ;

  - Local production;

  - Noble raw materials;

  - A simple recipe;

  - An authentic product.

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