Julie Barthélémy - Compensation Officer

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I introduce myself:

I am 26 years old and joined the Group in September 2019 following my Master's degree in Human Resources Management and Services at EM Normandie Business School. I started at NutriXo and with the closure of this entity in 2020, I had the opportunity to join Grands Moulins de Paris as a compensation and international mobility officer. I work at the head office in Ivry-sur-Seine.  

What is your job?

Vast subject... I have three different hats.

There is a purely operational aspect with the monitoring of the payroll. This involves ensuring that salaries are fair and that the bonus policy is consistent.

As such, I am in charge of the gender equality index and I am very proud to announce that we have reached the score of 99 out of 100 for 2022! A real satisfaction that shows that the commitments of Grands Moulins de Paris are genuine.

My job also includes advising managers and HR managers.

Finally, I conduct analyses and expert reports for the Human Resources Director. To do this, I produce monthly reports. I also work on subjects related to the payroll, such as the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) or the profit-sharing agreement.

Is there a major quality required to carry out your missions?

The key word is "pedagogy". Indeed, salary is still a delicate subject in France in general and it is important to explain why we do our best at Grands Moulins de Paris for a fair and equitable remuneration between all employees.

This compensation policy must be supported by managers and understood by all employees.

What are you looking for in your work environment and how does Grands Moulins de Paris meet your needs?

The values of a company are important to give meaning and motivation to what we do. However, these values must be truly embodied and this is the case at Grands Moulins de Paris. A lot of things have been done, particularly in the area of CSR, to reduce the energy footprint, which is a subject that is particularly close to my heart. There are also a lot of actions carried out for safety and well-being at work.

Moreover, to show you the openness of the company, I obtained a sabbatical to go around the world without a plane. I am delighted to be able to carry out my personal project and to be able to return to a job that I like in a company that I am attached to for its human and professional spirit.

What is your greatest pride since you joined Grands Moulins de Paris?

It's having built a great relationship with the HR team and having succeeded in convincing them that ecology is important and that we should all get involved!

Do you have a favorite Grands Moulins de Paris product?

Francine Organic T55 wheat flour, which combines my childhood memories and my commitment.

To conclude, what are the 3 words to describe Grands Moulins de Paris?

Sharing, taste, authenticity.  

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