Link by GMP, our sustainable development approach

Link by GMP - key visual

The integration of sustainable development principles is at the heart of Grands Moulins de Paris' strategy. This is what is commonly called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We formalized our commitments in 2018 through the A TABLE approach for a Responsible AlimenTAtion. In 2021, the sustainable development approach of the VIVESCIA group, to which we belong, has been strengthened with LINK.

Today, in 2023, we are strengthening our commitments by relying on the Group's foundation to deploy our solid and comprehensive sustainable development approach: "Link by GMP".

Three pillars of commitment

Our commitments are based on 3 pillars:

- for women and men,

- for our industries and territories,

- for the land.

Each pillar has several strategic axes and ambitions to address.

A specific governance structure has been set up to ensure that sustainable development issues are properly integrated into our business model. It relies on operational pilots who are responsible for the deployment of our roadmap. 

Collectively Committed

As a historical player in the milling industry, we have a major role to play. Our concrete actions will be highlighted over the coming months in our #CollectivelyEngaged campaign.

Link by GMP: our commitments to women and men
Link by GMP: our commitments to the sectors and territories
Link by GMP: our commitments to the Earth