Francine, an iconic brand for over 50 years

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8 large regional flour mills decided to join forces in 1965 in order to spread throughout France.

This is how the Francine brand was created. It is from the contraction of "France" and "Farine" that the emblematic "Francine" was born.

Francine offers a wide range of products to satisfy all the sweet and savoury desires of consumers: all-purpose flours, bread and brioche flours, preparations and yeast. And there are more than 1000 recipe ideas available on its website !

Visual Francine communication territory

A true "institution" brand, Francine is now an integral part of French culinary heritage. But it has lost none of its audacity or its capacity for innovation. On the contrary!

Each year, it offers flours, bread flours, preparations and yeasts to make homemade cooking accessible on a daily basis.

Crepes en fête logo

Francine is also at the initiative of the Comité Crêpes en Fête which contributes since 1997 to the promotion and the media coverage of the Chandeleur by putting pancakes in the spotlight.

With its unparalleled know-how, Francine has developed over the years a complete range of products

As the leader in all-purpose flours, with more than 37% of the value market share(Sources: IRI CAM P5 2022), Francine is an emblematic brand for everyday cooking.

All-purpose flours, bread and brioche flours, preparations and yeast, more than 50 million products were tasted over the past year.

Francine is also a brand that is committed to its consumers, farmers and the planet by proposing new organic or Label Rouge products, by being part of a continuous improvement process, in particular by switching to 100% French wheat and using FSC® paper and cardboard for its packaging, and by affixing the Nutriscore label to its products.

Francine product range

Francine, a brand close to consumers

For more than 50 years, Francine has been forging a strong emotional bond with its consumers, a bond that is passed down through the generations. In 2019, Francine has enriched its mission: to simplify everyday cooking and make it possible to eat as well as possible. In 2020, it gives birth to its new signature "On se retrouve en cuisine", the flagship of its desire to give value to all those moments spent IN and IN the kitchen.

In 2021, Francine decided to go further by giving a voice to children who often struggle to change their parents' habits: Francine is thus the link between the different generations.

The promise at the heart of the brand: "A little of us and a lot of you".

Francine brand principles

Every month, Francine offers recipe ideas and cooking tips to her community on Facebook (>93,000 fans), Instagram (>4,500 subscribers) and through its newsletter (>66,000 sends).

Francine's commitments

100% French wheat, regional mills, recyclable bags... Francine is committed to offering quality products that meet the expectations of the French.

Faced with the environmental and societal challenges we face, Francine has decided to take a new step by further structuring and strengthening its commitments around 3 axes. All this, illustrated by the heart "Your pleasure engages us".

Francine's commitments on its packs - 2022

The latest Francine product innovations

The Bio T55 flour in all transparency

Since January 2021, Francine T55 organic flour packages integrate blockchain technology. A QR Code allows the consumer to access the complete traceability of the product via a simple scan.

Francine blockchain on its BIO T55 packs

The principle is simple: scanning the QR code available on the front of each bag displays a webapp in which the consumer enters the batch number to reveal the complete and transparent traceability of the product, from the origin of the wheat used to the bagging of the flour.

The digital platform using blockchain technology plays the role of a third party transparency. It ensures the reliability of the value chain data and provides evidence of the brand promises displayed on the bag.

In addition to traceability, the webapp allows us to promote the commitment of our partner farmers through video testimonials. Another advantage, the webapp offers access to the Francine universe and, via a chatbot, recipe ideas are proposed to vary the pleasures.

Francine blockchain and webapp operation

Label Rouge T65 flour for all your gourmet recipes

Launched in April 2022, the new Francine Label Rouge flour is a T65 that contains nothing but wheat flour (no wheat gluten, no malted wheat flour, no enzymes). It is perfect for all cooking purposes, from sweet to savory recipes. Check out our quick, easy and tasty apple, walnut and hazelnut cake recipe on the pack!

This new flour is contained in a recyclable FSC® certified bag.

Francine Label Rouge T65 flour - mockup 3D bag

The Label Rouge is an official sign of French quality. It certifies that the products have, by their conditions of production or manufacture, a level of superior quality compared to the products of their category.

It is the label most known by consumers at 96%(source: Webinar IRi-Mintel - environmental labeling - 2021) and 62% of the French associate it with a superior quality product(LinkQ Kantar study - 12,000 respondents - Sept 2017 / LSA 2018 / LSA 2020)

In order to be awarded the Label Rouge label, products must meet the requirements defined in a set of specifications, including 

- precise rules of production and storage: no insecticide treatment of wheat storage after harvest.

- wheat carefully selected for its baking quality: flour of recognized baking quality, obtained after selection and blending of wheat; only wheat varieties from the list of VRM (Varieties Recommended by the Milling Industry) are authorized.

- Quality control: compliance with the defined criteria is ensured by regular audits and controls.

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