Eric Brun

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Eric Brun, a baker and pastry chef who has undergone a professional conversion, set up in 2015, with his wife, in Sausset-les-Pins (13) in a baking terminal that has now been transformed into a Copaline bakery. He presents us his career path.

Discover the portrait of Eric Brun, artisan baker in Sausset-les-Pins (13)

Could you introduce yourself?

Eric Brun, I am 42 years old, I live in Sausset-Les-Pins in the Bouches du Rhone with my wife. Initially I was a general engineer in the private sector and I changed my profession, I passed the CAP of baker at the Bakery and Pastry School of Paris, the training lasted 1 year. I then bought a cooking terminal that I gradually transformed into a bakery. It became a Copaline bakery, with a nice facade.


You had another job before, why did you decide to go into the artisanal bakery business?

I've always been a bit manual and I wasn't really fulfilled in my work. I felt the need to go towards a more traditional profession.
I learned that there were several schools that offered to teach the bakery trade regardless of age.
The field of baking and pastry making did not seem too risky to me as long as the products made were good; so I went for it, I retrained in baking.


To train, you chose the Paris Bakery and Pastry School (EBP). A few words about your training ?

I really liked the training at EBP. I was very satisfied with this school which met my expectations. It is a good school. The Young Bakery Entrepreneurs Contest (CJE), of which EBP is the founder, also allowed me to prove myself before starting my own business. I took part in the contest and came 4th in the ranking in 2015.


Why did you choose to be accompanied by GMP in your first installation project?

When I took the EBP, I followed additional modules led by the Grands Moulins de Paris. I understood that I needed to be accompanied by experts who could help me and guide me. It was reassuring for me to have professionals at my side to help me start and develop. We liked Copaline products a lot, we had several demonstrations, so I was confident about the support and the project itself.


How were you supported in your project?

At the beginning we selected the Bouches du Rhône as our research area. A Transaction Finance Advisor (CTF) accompanied us for 1 year. We then widened our search area to the whole South East region to find a business more quickly; another Transactions Finance Advisor accompanied us which allowed us to find a business to take over more quickly.


Are you satisfied with the support you received?

Yes, overall I am satisfied!


What if I had to do it again?

Yes I would do it again, but I would be even more careful, more wary. The location we have today is good but the price was quite high. It's not always easy to manage your business well and to get by financially.


Would you recommend GMP as a miller to support bakers who want to set up?

Yes, without any problem, in fact I am training someone from my team who wants to settle down and is already in contact with a Transactions Advisor.


Are you a happy baker today?

It is shared, we did not realize with my wife the difficulty of the job, its constraints, the amplitude of the working hours, the time to be spent in the management...
The first year there were no vacations planned to reach the estimated turnover.
These are constraints that reduce motivation a little. The craft industry in France is not easy, you have to work hard to make a profit. Baking is and remains a beautiful profession, but you have to love it and be courageous to succeed!


A message for all those who want to settle for the first time?

Soak up the trade by practicing it before setting up. Get help from professionals like Grands Moulins de Paris to understand the business and be aware of its constraints.

From a financial point of view, you should also be accompanied in the purchase.
Rely on the necessary family support.

Finally: be passionate!

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