Jennifer and Thomas Valstar

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Young and dynamic, Jennifer and Thomas opened their bakery-pastry shop Copaline in early April 2016 in Trélissac (24).

Discover the portrait of Jennifer and Thomas Valstar, settled in Trélissac (24)

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jennifer Valstar and I am married to Thomas Valstar who is the son of the former managers of the bakery we took over. I have a DUT in Biological Engineering and a degree in Commerce and Food Safety. Thomas has a CAP and a BEP in baking.

We took over the bakery on 01/04/2016, it is now a Copaline bakery and pastry shop, it is located in Dordogne in Trelissac: BOULANGERIE 4'PAINS - 113 BOULEVARD KENNEDY - 24750 TRELISSAC - Tél : 05 53 03 77 72


Where do you stand today?

We are gradually modernizing the bakery to bring it up to date. We have redone the façade, the terrace and we have fitted out the premises with new interior and exterior furniture.


Why did you choose to be accompanied by GMP in your project?

We knew Grands Moulins de Paris for a long time because Thomas' parents (the former managers) had already worked with them.
We chose to be accompanied by GMP for our first installation because they have always been there for us. They advised us, accompanied us and helped us financially to make our project succeed.
Also we like to work their flours to make our products, we have always been satisfied with the raw materials.


How did GMP contribute to your project?

Our Transactions and Financing Advisor prepared the financing plan and the forecast to present to the bank. He prepared the bank file and helped us to present it during the meetings with the bankers.


Are you satisfied with the support you received?

Yes, without our GMP transaction and financing advisor we would not have been able to complete our project. Everyone has his own field of expertise!
You have to know how to surround yourself with the right people to carry out this kind of project, and GMP's help was reassuring and essential.


What if I had to do it again?

We would do the same course again!


Would you recommend GMP as a miller to support bakeries that want to set up?

Yes, absolutely!


Are you a happy baker today?

Yes, there's nothing to be bored about! We are learning day by day how to manage our bakery while being supported by Grands Moulins de Paris. The business is running well, and the figures are also growing.


A message for all those who want to settle for the first time?

Find and surround yourself with the right people to set up your project! Nothing is obvious, the administrative part also takes a lot of time and should not be neglected.

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