Campaillette modernizes

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Campaillette is modernizing to meet the expectations of consumers and its members.

The emergence of the Collective Campaillette

Campaillette is a brand of bakeries that brings together independent bakers who share common values. This common commitment is materialized through the Collectif Campaillette: to be stronger together, while respecting the individuality and personality of each artisan. Far from being a chain, the Collectif Campaillette lets each baker express himself!


Updated values that take into account consumer expectations

Campaillette is committed! Its values are evolving to respond even more to the expectations of consumers who are increasingly sensitive to environmental considerations and want brands to communicate transparently on the manufacture of products, their origin...

Pleasure, audacity, confidence and responsibility: these are the commitments that drive Campaillette's artisan bakers on a daily basis and which are grouped together in the Campaillette brand manifesto.


An evolution of the visual identity

The updating of the values and the emergence of the Campaillette Collective are accompanied by an evolution of the visual identity.

Campaillette draws its inspiration from traditional French culture. This is why the "small check" motif and its various interpretations have been chosen as the new graphic symbol. They evoke moments of sharing, conviviality and simple joys!


These different evolutions have an impact on the tools used by our Campaillette members (bags, etc.) but also on the bakery with a brand new design for our bakeries!


And to immerse yourself further in the new Campaillette universe, discover the new website

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