Coronavirus: government aid for bakeries

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France is going through an unprecedented health crisis. In order to support bakeries and, more globally, companies impacted by the containment measures, the French government has decided to put in place measures of an exceptional scale. Objective: to help your business get through this difficult period!

Delays in the payment of social obligations

As an employer in your bakery, you can ask URSSAF to postpone all or part of the payment of your employee and employer contributions for the due date of March 15, 2020 if their due date is the 15th of the month. The payment date of these contributions can be postponed up to 3 months without any late payment penalty.

Tupload here the request for a delay in payment.


Delays in the payment of tax instalments

The Public Finance Department (DGFP) is launching exceptional measures to assist you:

- Deferral without penalty of the payment of the next direct tax instalments: corporate income tax instalment, payroll tax, etc;

- The possibility for a company that has already paid its due date for the month of March to object to the SEPA direct debit or to request a refund;

- The possibility for self-employed workers to modulate at any time the rate and installments of the withholding tax.

Visit the site to learn more:


Direct tax rebates for bakers during the Covid-19 epidemic

If you have difficulties to pay your taxes because of the coronavirus crisis, you have the possibility to establish a request to the public accountant for a deferment of payment of your tax debt. For the most difficult situations, a remission of direct taxes (income tax, territorial economic contribution...) can be requested. After an examination of the request, an ex gratia measure may be accepted.

Visit the site to learn more:


Deferring the payment of rent, water, gas and electricity bills for bakeries

If your bakery presents real difficulties in connection with the Coronavirus, you can ask your landlord for a temporary postponement of the payment of the rent for your premises. You can also do the same with your energy suppliers for your water, gas and electricity bills. The request must be made by phone, email or mail.


Social assistance from the regional CPSTI body

The Council for the Social Protection of the Self-Employed (CPSTI) provides assistance to self-employed workers facing cash flow problems that could jeopardize the sustainability of their activity. Find out more on the page dedicated to the Coronavirus of the Social Security for the Self-employed.


Bank guarantees

BpiFrance, the Public Investment Bank, provides assistance to French companies through the following measures

- The granting of the Bpifrance guarantee for cash loans granted by French private banks to companies affected by the consequences of the Covid epidemic-19 ;

- The extension of traditional investment credit guarantees without management fees;

- Reorganization of medium and long-term loans for Bpifrance clients.

For its part, the State and the Banque de France support companies in rescheduling their bank loans.

To learn more about business support measures and fill out the online form, visit the BpiFrance website


Measures to support employment

The Ministry of Labour is setting up aids to support employment in companies whose activity is impacted by the coronavirus:

- Maintaining employment in the affected companies by financing employees through the short-time working scheme;

- The provision of a "question and answer" type document for entrepreneurs and employees.

How can I benefit from it?

For companies that are obliged to reduce or suspend their activity and place their employees on partial unemployment, a request for partial activity must be filed online on the Ministry of Labor website.

The company that implements partial unemployment must request authorization from the DIRECCTE of its department, which will respond within 48 hours.

The application must include the following information:

- the reasons justifying the use of partial activity ; 

- the foreseeable period of under-activity; 

- the number of employees concerned.


The help of the Mediator of Companies

This is one of the devices that you can call upon to receive, within 48 hours, support for the resolution of disputes with customers or suppliers related to the execution of a contract due to the Coronavirus crisis.

More information on this device on the dedicated page on the website of the Ministry of Economy.

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