Fozzas and hot toasts: "Les Recettes de mon Moulin" rethinks the lunch break.

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At lunch time, 51% of French people say they go to a bakery. To enable you to remain competitive by offering more and more choices to your customers, Recipes from my Mill is expanding its snacking range. Between reinvented classics and original products, there is something for everyone.

Since January 2017, the range of snacks has been enriched with 2 new products: the Fozza and the Hot toast, each declined in 2 flavors. Opt for these gourmet alternatives to the traditional sandwich by including them in your lunch formulas. 


A newcomer to the snacking world, Fozza is the perfect hybrid between pizza, focaccia and focaccia. A soft and generous bread, with a gratin on top for even more deliciousness. It is available in 2 toppings:

  - Bacon and fresh cream.

  - 3 cheeses: mozzarella, Roquefort and goat cheese.


Another novelty in the snacking range of Recettes de mon Moulin: the Hot toast. This thin bread with a generous filling has everything to please with its format perfectly adapted to mobile consumption. It is also available in 2 flavors:

  - Ham and raclette cheese

  - Tomatoes and mozzarella

For more information, please contact your Grands Moulins de Paris sales representative and find the entire snacking offer in the new Les Recettes de Mon Moulin product catalog.


To be contacted by the customer service or to call them directly : go to here.

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