Launch of two new gourmet quiches Les Recettes de mon Moulin

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Our brand Les Recettes de Mon Moulin offers two new products for your bakery : a quiche lorraine and a vegetable quiche. These new gourmet preparations will be a perfect addition to your bakery's savory and snacking offer.

Why offer quiches in your bakery?

In France, quiche is popular with consumers all year round, and is even the second most prepared dish per week in the country. To help bakers satisfy their customers, Les Recettes de Mon Moulin is launching two new gourmet quiche recipes:

- A delicious traditional quiche lorraine traditional quiche with bacon; 

- A tasty Vegetarian vegetable quiche

Les Recettes de Mon Moulin quiches can be offered by the slice to complete a lunch formula, and allow a nomadic tasting.


The benefits for your bakery

- Easily attract the attention of customers thanks to a generous format and an attractive "home-made" visual; 

- Enhance your snacking offer thanks to the artisanal rendering of the quiches; 

- Complete your panini/sandwich offering with iconic products; 

- Respond to the new demands of customers by offering a mobile meal that is easily transportable; 

- Choose a classic French restaurant for lunch; 

- Save time with the ease of preparation of our quiches.


Complete your snacking offer with the new Les Recettes de Mon Moulin quiches

The new quiches allow you to easily complete your bakery's snacking offer and attract new customers. In full expansion, snacking is today an essential growth lever for artisan bakers: in 2015, it already represented 35% of the turnover of bakeries-pastry shops.

Bakeries have become the second most popular place to eat on the go in France. 42% of French people would like to find more fast food products in bakeries. 


How to prepare your quiches?

Available in boxes of 4, Les Recettes de Mon Moulin quiches are very easy to prepare. Only two steps are needed to obtain a delicious quiche ready to be eaten.

-Thawing at 0° to + 4°C for 24 hours

-Cold cut (10 parts recommended)

-Reheat for 1.5 minutes in the microwave before serving

You can also find a wide variety of snacking products online and regularly take advantage of many new products: paninis, sandwiches, soups, pies, hot dishes, but also pastries, waffles, etc.

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