The Copaline network expands with a new concept!

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Installed in Tergnier (Aisne, Hauts-de-France) as bakers for nearly 15 years, Yves and Véronique Crételle chose to give a new lease of life to their business last August, by renovating the interior of their store "Au Pain d'Antan". Seduced by the Copaline concept, they opted for a Complice de la Nature store.

Customers were quick to respond. Thanks to the new layout, the store looks more spacious and bright.

The products are further highlighted by means of playful lighting and materials in line with Copaline's values.

Results: the bakery has seen its clientele increase by 25% since the reopening, and now welcomes nearly 700 customers from Monday to Saturday. In addition, the Cretelles have seen an increase in sales, particularly in catered products, which have grown by 30% since the reopening. The number of traditional baguettes sold has doubled from 20 to 40 pieces per day.

And to continue to develop their average basket, Yves and Véronique set up the "Graines de Boulanger Copaline" operation last month at the start of the school year. The objective was to boost sales of pastries by organizing a drawing contest for youngsters.

Here again, the success is there: thanks to a relay of the game on Facebook and a promotion, the craftsmen managed to sell 100 more pastries per day during the whole operation!

We can therefore say without any doubt that the Cretelle business is on a good momentum, and that it is, without any doubt, not ready to stop its progression.


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