The new Campaillette operations: a lever to develop your turnover

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Once again this year, stand out from your competitors thanks to exclusive events that promote your craft know-how and make your bakery a real place of life and exchange. Are you ready to boost your sales, create traffic and build customer loyalty throughout the seasons?

Why animate your bakery with the new Campaillette operations

Specially designed for you and your customers, the new 2020-2021 operations defend the values that respond to today's major consumer trends: taste, transparency and commitment.

These 5 operations will allow you to create a link with your customers while distinguishing yourself from the competition, but also to :

  1.  Build customer loyalty by offering activities throughout the year and by transforming your bakery into a real place of life and exchange;
  2. Increase your customers' shopping cart by highlighting your current products and offering limited edition products; 
  3. Attract new customers thanks to outdoor communication media (posters, banners, window displays, etc.) and attractive prizes to be won in your bakery.

5 new operations to give rhythm to the life of your bakery to discover as soon as possible

The new Campaillette 2020-2021 operations

An exclusive partnership : Lucien georgelin

Lucien Georgelin is a specialist in local products from the southwest, made in the respect of traditions. Produced in the Lot-et Garonne, its black tapenade is 100% natural: your customers will appreciate it during an aperitif with friends!
This year, Campaillette has joined forces with Lucien Georgelin to offer your customers a gourmet and friendly aperitif. To be set up whenever you want, this operation is based on a simple mechanism: for every purchase of Campaillette baguettes, offer a jar of tapenade to your customers!

Reward your customers' loyalty at Christmas

Christmas is a festive time for bakeries. For the occasion, Campaillette offers two events in the bakeries of the network:

- a festive gourmet bread in limited edition, made of rye flour, buckwheat and spices with inclusions of walnuts (French origin), dried apricots and dried figs.

- a christmas game with a very attractive prize: at each checkout, stamp the loyalty card of your customers. Once their loyalty card is filled in, they will deposit it in the box provided for this purpose to try to win a Nintendo switch lite© bydrawing lots!

Celebrate Candlemas with your customers

For a moment full of sharing and greed, promote your pancakes and offer your customers to win the big prize! For every purchase of crepe(s), they will have a chance to win a mini-crepe maker.

Celebrate Mother's Day in May

Maintain the bond with your customers and celebrate this emotional moment with them through a simple and immediate operation! For every purchase of baked goods, your customers will have a chance to win a child's kitchen utensil: apron, cake pan or rolling pin.

Promote the French wheat of your great century with a unique game

Campaillette's great game is based on a simple draw mechanism, with a high value-added prize that will encourage your customers to participate! For the purchase of two large century baguettes, your customers have a chance to win a hot air balloon trip.

All Campaillette operations offer members turnkey kits including communication materials and all the items necessary for their organization.

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