What to do in your bakery during the Covid-19 outbreak

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Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic that is spreading in France, the French government has been forced to take drastic measures by authorizing the opening of only the so-called "essential" businesses. The bakeries continue to welcome their customers and must scrupulously respect the necessary sanitary measures.


Bakeries, a local business under high surveillance

Since the announcement of the closure of the places and the non essential businesses, the French State detailed the measures known as "barriers" that must obligatorily respect the whole of the establishments authorized to practise their activities. These different measures of hygiene and social distancing aim essentially at slowing down the propagation of the coronavirus, by limiting to the maximum the contact between the individuals. The bakeries and the specialized shops selling bread constitute places in which the French will continue to go regularly. It is thus obviously essential to apply sanitary measures in accordance with the official recommendations stated by the authorities.


Means of preventing the risk of contamination in the bakery

As an employer, you must take essential measures to ensure the protection of your employees as soon as possible. This could include :

  - Adapting the workplace: moving the cash register back to respect the social distance between the salesperson and the customer, regular cleaning and disinfection of equipment in contact with the hands of customers and staff, placing tape on the floor to symbolize the safety distances between each customer, putting up protection (glass, film, etc.) between products and customers, etc;

  - Adapting the organization of work so that the workstations are far away (as much as possible) or staggered in time.

  - The modification of the conditions of access to the premises: limitation of the entry of external participants to the bakery (deliveryman for example), etc;

  - The provision of prevention tools: masks, soap, single-use towels, hydroalcoholic gel.


Protection and information of employees

The French Labor Code specifies the obligations of each employer towards his employees. With regard to viral contamination, it states that the head of the company is required to "take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers" (articles L. 4121-1 and following). If you are an employer, you must necessarily take the necessary preventive measures to reduce the risk of contagion in the workplace. Moreover, you must also keep the personnel informed of the actions set up, as the government foresees, and put at their disposal all the necessary means to avoid the propagation of the coronavirus within your bakery.


Customer protection

As we now know, Covid-19 is transmitted primarily through direct contact with the airway secretions of an infected person. Within your business, it is imperative that you implement rules to ensure that there is a minimum safety distance of 1 meter between each of your customers waiting for their turn in your bakery. In addition to posting a visible notice on your storefront, you must also ensure that you control the flow of your customers within your establishment so that you can respect this recommendation. For example, you can post a sign stating that only 5 people are allowed in the store at any one time.


The barrier gestures in bakeries: citizen measures

These actions must be respected by everyone: employer, employees, customers, delivery people, etc. Everyone who interacts in your establishment is concerned. A quick reminder of these different gestures:

  - Be aware of good hand washing techniques and wash your hands regularly with soap or hydroalcoholic gel;

  - Coughing or sneezing into your elbow or into a handkerchief;

  - Use only single-use tissues and dispose of them after use;

  - Saying hello without shaking hands or kissing;

  - Wear a mask when you are sick.

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