Meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Jonckière

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Can you introduce yourself in a few lines? 

Elodie, 35 years old, high school diploma in business and several years of law degree. I am the mother of 2 boys, my first job was as a saleswoman at the Viennes bakery in SANTES. In 2007, I met Thierry (40 years old) who had been a pastry chef for 8 years with the same employer, 2007 was our engagement, marriage and the resumption of our bakery in Hem, I was 21. 


Why did you choose the Campaillette brand?

We have been working with Grands Moulins de Paris for 14 years now. We have been loyal to the Campaillette brand since the beginning, the quality is constant and we particularly appreciate the support of the teams and also the tools made available to us. 14 years of trust and enriching sharing.


Why did you choose to renovate your bakery with the Campaillette colors?

It was a logical step, we like the Campaillette colors, the interior is modern, practical and very trendy, the white facade with its orange blinds makes us visible from far. 


How did Grands Moulins de Paris support you in this process?

Redeveloping a store is not easy, you can't embark on this adventure alone. We were very well advised and accompanied by the teams, on the layout of the furniture, the promotion of our products, and the choice of staff. The Grands Moulins de Paris advised us and helped us to set up a temporary store during the work. This created a buzz among our customers who followed the evolution of the new store step by step. 

How did the work go?

A top organization, a respected schedule and especially very professional and friendly teams. 


What did it bring you?

First of all a new clientele thanks to the facade and the friendly and modern interior. After a few weeks, the turnover increased by 20%, mainly in the pastry and snacking departments. This allowed us to hire a full-time caterer and 2 apprentices in pastry.


What advice would you give to other bakers who might be hesitant to choose Campaillette for their bakery?

Simply trust and dare, for the advice, the ideas, the support and the turnkey solution. Our customers speak best about it, they are happy with the change and appreciate the time they spend in the bakery. It's really a pleasant and enjoyable moment.


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