A new Copaline concept!

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Christian and Sadette Dussy open their new concept of artisanal bakery in Creutzwald (57)


They have chosen Copaline for the quality of its flours for 12 years.

Since then, the love affair has continued and the couple ofartisan bakers, who fell under the charm of the new layout CopalineIn July, the couple opened their fourth bakery in Creutzwald, renewing their confidence in the brand.

Christian and Sadette were seduced by the simplicity and naturalness of the materials and colors that make the store very clear, bright and particularly highlight their product offering. The artisans recognized themselves in the maxim of the Copaline slate affixed to their window: "simple, good and seasonal products"!

The customers, for their part, all appreciate the ingenuity of the decoration of their new bakery, in a "Do it yourself" style. The picnic area, with tables and chairs and a recycling area, allows them to take a break or come for lunch. This will certainly generate additional sales for the snacking products, which are very promising.

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