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In 2019, after 100 years of existence, the positioning of Grands Moulins de Paris has been rethought to make the strong values of the brand more visible. An ambition based on two complementary pillars:

  - Claiming the company's membership to cooperative farmers;

  - To enhance the relationship that Grands Moulins de Paris maintains with its customers every day.

With this new brand platform, a new signature " a grain of audacity, a choice for the future" , and a new graphic universe have been created.

In September 2021, it is around the Grands Moulins de Paris Instagram account to evolve towards more modernity while maintaining the brand's fundamentals: authenticity, sharing and passion.


A story of hands

A new campaign entitled " A Story of Hands " will therefore see the light of day on GMP's Instagram account starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021 and will aim to:

  - Translating to Instagram the new tagline "A Grain of Boldness, A Choice for the Future;

  - Adopt a creative and offbeat visual approach.

This new Instagram campaign, centered around the hands, evokes the true and lasting relationship that the women and men of Grands Moulins de Paris have with the actors of the entire wheat industry, from fork to fork: consumer, baker, miller and farmer.

The name of this campaign can also be understood as "a story of tomorrow", to recall the modern, innovative and forward-looking positioning of the brand.


A daring creative bias

Instagram being a social network based on photography, the creative bias was to create original and stylized photos and to favor pop colors, in adequacy with our graphic charter, while highlighting the raw material and the know-how of Grands Moulins de Paris.


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