Cultivating our difference for the next 100 years

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100 years after our creation, we have chosen to be modern by developing a new brand identity that is now embodied in a new signature: "a grain of audacity, a choice for the future". At the beginning of the year, we unveiled the new positioning of our Grande Maison, based on four pillars: True, Passionate, Committed and Simple. Four words to describe everything that has made Grands Moulins de Paris what it is today for over 100 years.

Why did you choose this new positioning?

"Following the celebration of the 100th anniversary of our Grande Maison, it seemed natural to us to rethink the brand's positioning to begin the next centenary. Consumer trends have evolved and the French are now looking not only for TASTE, but also for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY and SENSE. This new positioning is an essential step to reaffirm our identity and our values.

This project is the result of teamwork carried out internally, involving listening to our employees, customers and partners, in order to be sure that our choices are in line with the expectations of all those who make up Grands Moulins de Paris. "

Claire Madoré, Marketing and E-Business Director, reveals the main features of this new positioning.

Stay tuned and discover our first communication campaign "ALL IS TRUE" which will be broadcast on social networks to promote this new positioning. All the players in the industry will be honored, placing the women and men who make Grands Moulins de Paris at the heart of the campaign.
"Through this campaign, we wanted to highlight all the steps "from the fork to the fork", as a return to the essentiality, to the real" says Claire Madoré.

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