The Managerial Excellence cycle: a tailor-made training course

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Managerial excellence cycle illustration

Initiated three years ago by the Human Resources Department of Grands Moulins de Paris, the Managerial Excellence Cycle was set up to enable several high-potential managers to follow a training course leading to a diploma for 18 months. The objective is to give them the keys to become employees capable of leading tomorrow.

A training course based on two major axes: know-how and interpersonal skills

The Managerial Excellence Cycle is a demanding course, which requires employees who follow it not only to validate their knowledge step by step but also to confirm their economic performance in their current position. At the end of the course and a final presentation, participants obtain a certification of their managerial skills.

The training contains two main components:

- Know-how development, provided by Wider Consulting: a program sanctioning knowledge, involvement and success;

- Soft skills, handled by Oxford Leadership: an axis that allows participants to develop their managerial skills by acquiring a new approach to relational dynamics.

The desire to train managers in the image of Grands Moulins de Paris

This training is part of the company's desire to support its employees throughout their professional lives. The challenge is to identify managers with high potential who wish to develop their professional careers.
By offering them the opportunity to follow the different modules of this Cycle, the objective is to help them grow both on a human and technical level in order to make them managers in the image of the company.

Discover without further delay the training in video!

The six employees who participated in the first class, and who all passed the course at the end of their defense, share their feedback in video.

Constructive, enriching, intense, unforgettable... This is how these six employees define the managerial excellence cycle. They particularly appreciated the concrete nature of the training and the self-knowledge that emerged from it.

Congratulations to these six collaborators:

- Jérôme Lavigne, sales manager for the southwest region;

- Jean-Pierre Yborra, Sales Manager for the South-East region;

- Franck Lévêque, sales manager for the eastern region;

- Pascal Amestoy, Western Sales Manager ;

- Philippe Poullain, Head of Sales, Île-de-France ;

- Marie-Pierre Augros, Trade Marketing Manager.

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