An eco-pasture contract at the Verneuil mill!

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Since May 23, 2022, the sheep are also part of the decor of the mill of Verneuil L'Etang!

We have entered into an eco-pasture contract on the site that allows us to improve our biodiversity footprint, another step forward in our CSR commitments "Link by GMP commitments in favor of the climate. It not only allows us to reduce the use of thermal tools for mowing, but also to collaborate with a local ESAT, while having a positive impact on biodiversity.

What is eco-pasture?

Eco-grazing is "the maintenance of green spaces and natural environments by grazing herbivorous animals" (Larousse definition).

In concrete terms, this consists of installing herbivorous animals (sheep, goats, cows, horses, etc.) on green spaces and using their feeding methods to maintain the environment.

This ancestral technique with low environmental impact has been abandoned for several years to make way for technology. However, this ecological solution for the maintenance of green spaces has many advantages:

  • Preservation of difficult to access areas (wetlands, scrubland, undergrowth, slopes...)
  • Gas and electricity savings
  • Saving on transportation related to the removal of green waste
  • Abandonment of mechanical equipment or phytosanitary products that pollute the environment
  • Fertilization of the land and promotion of biodiversity

Eco-pasture at the Verneuil mill

The two sheep that arrived in May 2022 are now accompanied by three lambs. They take advantage of the green spaces which surround our mill of Verneuil L'Etang. The arrival of these animals on our site of Verneuil l'Etang makes it possible to completely replace the mowing of the park with trees of 8 000 m², until then carried out with thermal mowers.

Since not everything can be maintained by sheep alone, the few remaining small patches of grass are mowed by Grands Moulins de Paris employees.

To reinforce the positive impact of our mill on the local communities, the landscape maintenance (pruning, brush cutting, leaf blowing, etc.) has been entrusted to an ESAT located 20 km from the mill. This medical and social structure welcomes 70 workers with brain injuries in order to help them in their professional integration. A group of 5 to 6 team members accompanied by a monitor work 5 times a year.

"There may have been some misgivings at the beginning of the eco-pasture project, including questions about the odors associated with the sheep and the fact that the lawn would no longer be mowed "flush" as it used to be with mowers. Since the sheep arrived, these concerns have been allayed.

The animals have become accustomed to their environment. At first they hid in the undergrowth, now they approach the mill and the employees. There is a calming effect to watch them graze and evolve. We take the time to rediscover nature within our mill!"

Cindy Desreumaux, QHSE Manager at the Verneuil L'Etang mill

Eco-pasture at the Verneuil mill - May 2023

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