New Vivescia website !

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The VIVESCIA Group has a new institutional website, in keeping with its ambitions and size. A site that promotes the agricultural and industrial professions and their know-how in agricultural production, industrial processing and cereal-based food products. 

To discover the presentation of the site : 

This site is intended for all customers and prospects, future employees, the media, investors and opinion leaders. Not forgetting, of course, all of the Group's employees and members, many of whom visit it.

Its content is organized around cereals, which unite the grain community and in which VIVESCIA is a specialist: sustainable agriculture, food, the Group's businesses, and the markets in which VIVESCIA operates throughout the world.

It tells the story and details the cooperative DNA of the Group, explains the development strategy and highlights the expertise and strengths.


Welcome to the grain road, welcome to VIVESCIA.

And also discover the playlist of clips : 

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