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Thanks to its product expertise combined with a close attention to the market, Grands Moulins de Paris is a key player in the Bakery - Viennese Pastry industry.

Our different production tools allow us to offer you custom flours, adapted to your specific manufacturing requirements, as well as bread-making ingredients that will make the difference in a very competitive environment. We offer milling mixes, improvers, sourdoughs, functional flours and a wide range of cereal ingredients.

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A la carte formulations designed for you

Improvers adapted to each of your industrial lines

croissant cut in half

- In frozen raw or pre-baked bread / baguette

- In bread / baguette "fillets" or on a sole

- In frozen raw crescent or ready to cook

- In cookies, yellow dough, liquid dough

GMP signature sourdoughs

Finally, we have developed a range of deactivated and dehydrated sourdoughs which bring a unique aromatic signature. They have been produced according to a bakery method for more than 50 years from carefully selected raw materials in order to guarantee quality and traceability. They are made slowly (72 hours minimum) to obtain a perfect balance between acidity and intensity.

Our range of deactivated and dehydrated sourdoughs consists of 5 sourdoughs:

- Wheat sourdough

- Rye sourdough 

- Wheat germ leaven

- CRC® Wheat Sourdough

- CRC® Rye Sourdough

Wheat and rye sourdoughs are available in Filière CRC® (Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée), a label that guarantees 100% French cereals, cultivated according to good agricultural practices that are favorable to biodiversity and that ensure a better remuneration for producers. They are easily integrated into all applications (breads, buns, pastries, pizzas...).

Constant research and optimization of our offer

- Constant work with our R&D department for innovative products

- Careful attention to market developments

- Ability to change formulations from one delivery to the next

- An efficient supply chain ensuring A to B deliveries

Sanitary quality of our products and regulatory environment

Because the sanitary quality of the products is essential, we watch every day the conditions of realization of the products via :
Analysis laboratory at the mill

- The implementation of controls on all raw materials and finished products

- Traceability at each stage of the process

- ISO 22000 certification of our production sites

- Support and advice in following the regulations

- The guarantee of origin of the wheat crushed in our mills: 100% France

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