With Francine, we meet in the kitchen

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Today's leader with its range of 30 products and 35% market share, Francine is taking a new step to reinforce its leadership. In line with consumers' expectations, the brand has evolved its positioning and is launching a new communication campaign.

Founded in 1965, Francine has always been a pioneer and innovator. The brand is part of the life ofFrench consumers, who find it authentic, accessible and creative.

In addition to this positive image, Francine is evolving in a favorable market context: raw food ingredients for home cooking are dynamic, unlike processed products. The flour market is growing in volume and value, as are the egg and butter markets, which are complementary to Francine flours.

A new positioning and new ambitions

In this positive context, the teams have set themselves new ambitions, in particular to further develop Francine's market share.

Several development levers have been activated to :

- conquer new consumers and rejuvenate the target customer base,

  - continue toexpand the product and service offering,

- consolidate Francine's good image with consumers.

To continue to be a modern and innovative brand while still having an affective dimension rooted in pleasure, Francine's marketing teams have just developed a new brand platform, with a new signature, "Francine, we meet in the kitchen".

This new signature expresses the closeness that the brand wishes to reinforce with its consumers; it also means to meet together whatever the desires (gourmet, balanced, flexitarian meal...), the convictions (organic, sustainable...), the moment (weekday evening, festive meal...), whatever the level (novice or expert) in cooking.

Francine's new brand platform

  - One ambition: to be the most loved brand in everyday cooking

  - A mission: to simplify everyday cooking and eat as well as possible

  - A promise: "Francine, a little of us and a lot of you

To publicize and establish its new positioning, Francine launched a vast multi-media publicity campaign to reach the maximum number of consumers in a targeted manner throughout the purchasing process.

This media plan began on November 11 on television with the sponsorship of a program devoted to everyday cooking: Petits plats en équilibre on TF1.

And you will be able to discover the next actions in the weeks to come...

In the meantime, you can visit the Francine website to make quick and easy recipes for any occasion - with friends, family, and foodies, with ease!

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