Discover Francine spelt flour!

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Last April, Francine brought something new to the shelves with its innovative spelt flour.

By selecting a variety of ancient wheats, Francine offers a flour with an authentic taste, a natural source of fiber and protein, which meets the needs of consumers and current market trends. Indeed, 32% of consumers today say they are very careful about the products they choose, and 70% prefer simple, unprocessed foods.

In order to support the launch of this new product, Francine has set up different support actions, digital and in-store.

  - creation of recipes using Francine spelt flour, online at

  - sending a special spelt newsletter to our 110,000 registered consumers on the site

  - on pack and digital coupons to encourage trial

  - stop shelf in front of the product to emerge on the shelf

  - Facebook activation

  - and a trade marketing operation in partnership with the Casino group

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