"La devinette": Francine's new TV spot

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Since the first containment, the trend of homemade has been strongly exacerbated. Cooking yourself, for pleasure, to share a moment with your family and to know what is in your plate is a real desire and need of the French.

The Francine brand, leader in flours for supermarkets and hypermarkets, is riding this wave and supporting the launch of its new practical, resealable and recyclable packs with a dedicated digital plan.


Francine's return to television

To support the launch of its new convenience pack, the Francine brand launches a new advertising film called " The Riddle ". For 20 seconds, this dynamic film immerses us in the warm family atmosphere of everyday cooking.

Through this advertisement, Francine pursues several objectives:

  • To highlight the practicality and ease of use of its latest innovation, the practical Francine pack;
  • To consolidate its brand image and its new communication territory by putting children, the actors of the kitchen revival, at the heart of its advertising ;
  • Recruit and rejuvenate its target audience by targeting young families with children, concerned about eating well and eager to share the pleasure of homemade cooking with their families.


A dedicated digital support plan

While waiting for the TV ad to air in September, Francine has planned a massive digital campaign starting in July.

Thus, from July 1 to 31, the film will be broadcast via video campaigns on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram: these will link to a discount offer and will be geolocated according to the stores holding the innovation. 

The film will also be broadcast on MY TF1 and France.tv, the websites of the TF1 group and France TV, which allow viewers to watch the programs of these channels live or in replay.

Finally, a programmatic video packaging campaign will be launched on a premium network of over 1,200 editorial sites.  

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