Marjolaine Alary - Corporate Brand & Communications Group Manager

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I introduce myself:

After studying communication (EFAP Communication and DESS Communication, Interculturality and New Technologies), I started my career as a multimedia project manager for various brands. I then spent 9 years in the Euralis cooperative group where I was in charge of internal and external communication for the agricultural division.

When and why did you join Grands Moulins de Paris?

Curious by nature, I wanted to grasp a new environment. I joined Grands Moulins de Paris in September 2018, just before the company's centenary, motivated by the many exciting challenges to celebrate this anniversary and develop the company's brand image.

What is your job?

I currently hold the position of Corporate Brand & Communication Manager. I am in charge of both internal and external communication for the company. I develop the communication strategy and determine the action plans to be implemented, in collaboration with the different departments in the company. My missions also include the development of various communication tools to promote the company, the organization of events or presence at trade shows, the animation of the intranet, the management of press relations, etc. I manage a team of 4 people consisting of communication officers and graphic designers.

What is your daily life like?

Every day is different and that's what's exciting. We work a lot in collaborative mode with my team, the marketing product managers and the managers of the other departments. My day can be punctuated by writing an article, thinking about action plans, managing the budget, monitoring schedules, designing communication materials, leading or participating in meetings, and talking with journalists. But I also go out into the field for events or reports, and I also lead an internal training course.

What are you most proud of since you joined the company?

There are plenty, it's hard to name just one!

Obviously, there is the celebration of the 100 years of Grands Moulins de Paris with the conception and the implementation of all the activations (conference, innovation contest, mills open house, magazine, blog, tour bus with the press, etc.).

This anniversary marked the beginning of a turning point in communication.

We have worked hard internally, involving not only employees but also customers and consumers in the working groups, to come up with a new brand platform that looks like us and brings us together.

Your favorite Grands Moulins de Paris product?

The Campaillette Grand Siècle always appetizing with its simply crumpled shape without nibbling.

3 words to describe Grands Moulins de Paris?

Passion - Human - Expertise

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