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To make life easier for artisan bakers, Grands Moulins de Paris, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, is launching an online ordering service available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Online catalog, purchasing, order tracking, payment of outstanding amounts, recipe ideas, technical advice, presentation of the latest trends: find everything you need to manage your bakery from day to day on

Take advantage of all the services offered by our e-commerce site to optimize the organization of your bakery and save time on a daily basis.


The advantages of our new online platform

For 100 years, Grands Moulins de Paris' mission has been to support bakers in their daily tasks. By offering several efficient services accessible online, our e-commerce site is part of this strong will.

The e-commerce site, a project that we are happy to present to you, is today a complete tool, which has a lot to offer you:

  - More simplicity: you can now access our entire catalog online with your own pricing conditions and consult the details of each product; 

  - More freedom: no more waiting for opening hours to order! You can now place an order at any time and be informed in real time of available products. You can also find the best delivery times for the fastest possible delivery; 

  - More visibility: your personal space allows you to access many other services, such as tracking your order history, dates of upcoming deliveries, consulting and paying for outstanding balances, contacting our experts, etc. 

And Grands Moulins de Paris does not stop there! New features will be regularly added to the platform, to make it even more complete and functional.

Among its features are:

  - Quick order with your favorite products and usual quantities to save you time when ordering; 

  - Exclusive and personalized information and advice to help you stay competitive and informed on a daily basis: technical advice, recipe ideas, trends in artisanal baking, changes in standards and regulations, events and trade shows, etc.

How to use your new online ordering service?

Grands Moulins de Paris has taken care to develop, for you, an online ordering service that is as simple and instinctive as possible.

To take advantage of all its features, you just have to follow these few steps.

First, get your 8-digit customer number that you will find on your invoices.

You can now use the new Grands Moulins de Paris e-commerce site! Our professionals are at your disposal at any time. 

Contact us to learn more about our online services or to discover our products and services.

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