The bakery l'Entremets has set up an online ordering system

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The Campaillette L'Entremets bakery: first bakery in the Haut de France region to opt for the Rapidle solution.

22 minutes: that's the average time for a lunch break.

To meet the demand of his customers who are always in a hurry, Ali Benouaden, manager of the Campaillette L'Entremets bakery in Roubaix (59), has decided to use click & collect.

Thanks to this digital solution proposed by Rapidle, customers can now place their order on the app and then come and pick it up in their bakery without a waiting line. This way, they save time during their lunch break and are sure to have the product of their choice at the right time.

Since the implementation of this online ordering service, L'Entremets has seen its sales increase thanks to an average shopping basket in the drive-through that is 2 to 3 times higher than the one at the cash register!

An optimization of the organization during the lunchtime rush that boosts the bakery's business and also meets the expectations of consumers.


In video, the report on the bakery and the interview of Ali Benouaden : 

To learn more about Rapidle's online ordering solution, click here.

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