The results of the 2019 Young Bakery Entrepreneur Competition finals are out!

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Initiated by Grands Moulins de Paris in 2003, in partnership with theParis Bakery and Pastry Schoolthe Young Bakery Entrepreneurs (YBE) competition once again this year crowned three winners.

The final, which took place last February, also rewarded a fourth winner by exceptionally creating a "special youth" prize.

"In addition to the human experience that we will never forget, the support of the Grands Moulins de Paris teams allowed us to go through with our project," say Cyril Charvolin and Karen Fontanière, who were 2nd in the CJE last year and now run their bakery in Étoilesur-Rhône (26). A testimony that illustrates Grands Moulins de Paris' ambition to be a major player in helping artisan bakers set up shop.

Throughout the year, Grands Moulins de Paris sales teams specialized in transactions and financing assist bakers in their search for business assets and in working out financing plans with loans. "With the economic difficulties of the last few months, this ability to carry out financial audits and find solutions in the bank is a real asset for bakers," emphasizes Eric Collavini, Director of Transactions & Financing at Grands Moulins de Paris.

This support for the success of young entrepreneurs is demonstrated by the June 11 opening of Mr. and Mrs. Dubois' Campaillette bakery, which was awarded second place at this year's CJE. The first place winners, Mr. Varet and Ms. Dael, will open in July.

"The success of a bakery is the result of a baker's know-how, but also of a sales know-how, a management know-how and a managerial know-how. All these facets are evaluated during the CJE. Candidates benefit from the advice of experts in baking as in other fields. Winners or not, we support them at every stage of their project to be fully at the side of these budding entrepreneurs," continues Eric Collavini. "The particular period we have just gone through has enabled us to put the value of the bakery profession back on the map as a real social utility. This is an opportunity to continue to attract young entrepreneurs, as we do every year. We see it every day, this profession attracts many enthusiasts, including those who are changing careers. Every year, more than 750 students come to train at our partner school, the Paris Bakery and Pastry School, whether as apprentices, in professional retraining or in continuing professional education.

To carry out their projects, artisan bakers can count on the teams of Grands Moulins de Paris, a true partner of the profession.

The 16th edition of the Young Entrepreneurs in Bakery Competition was supported by Fiducial and Coeur de VIVESCIA. We would also like to thank Dominique ANRACT, President of the National Confederation of French Bakeries and Pastries, for his participation in the jury for the project defense.


The winners are...

The 1st place goes to Mr. Jérôme VARET and Mrs. Anne-Sophie DAEL who win the sum of 15 000 €.

The 2nd place is won by Julie and Sébastien DUBOIS who win 10 000 €.

The 3rd place goes to Baptiste JACQUES who wins the sum of 5 000 €.

A 4th prize was awarded in view of the extremely close results, the "special young prize" won by Laura LAGRUE and Nicolas LARUE who won the sum of 3 000 €.


Our winners also win a Turnkey Opening Kit for any Campaillette or Copaline membership.

We thank all the finalists for their participation and are very confident that their installation will be successful!


For more information on the competition, please visit our website: https: //

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